Welcome and hello to all of our readers. And welcome to those who have enjoyed workshops with us. We are glad that you could visit. We have two projects on the horizon. The first is a series of workshops on the New Evangelization beginning in  New Jersey in September.

Be sure to view our current schedule.

The second project is the release of a book called,  Sharing the Faith That You Love: Four Simple Ways to be Part of the New Evangelization. Here is one review: “Sharing the Faith That You Love is a beautifully written testimony to the New Evangelization. Solidly rooted in the Catholic tradition and laced with personal stories that give light and energy to John and Therese’s words, the book invites the readers to develop a new attitude toward evangelization.” —

Rev. Robert J. Hater, professor of pastoral and systematic theology, Athenaeum of Ohio, and author of The Parish Guide to the New Evangelization: An Action Plan for Sharing the Faith.