Welcome and hello to all of our readers. And welcome to those who have enjoyed workshops with us. We are glad that you could visit. We have new offerings on the horizon. The first project is a series of workshops on the New Evangelization in Portland, ME; Baltimore, MD and Buffalo, NY over the next 6 to 8 months.   Be sure to view our current schedule.

PAC guide smallThe second project is the release of a two new books. The first is a NEW BOOKLET, for gathering PARENTS OF YOUNG ADULTS, who want to share their struggles and their hopes. This leader’s guide offers the choice of two five week sessions based on the best-selling book, ‘Praying for Our Adult Sons and Daughters.’ It is available on amazon in print and e-book formats.

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The second is a children’s FIRST HOLY COMMUNION BOOK told from a child’s point of view, as she explores Holy Communion photos and memorabilia. Her comments are candid and inspiring. Photos of four generations of Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents will help both young person and adult reader share their own stories of faith and forge a family connection to the Church. Available on Amazon in print and e-book formats.

Third project: Feature That! Therese is gearing up for more work in personal history and ghost writing. She offers ‘Tribute Collages’, Personalized Photo Albums with mini-stories, and illustrated biographies.OH 12 home pagehattie tribute