How fruitful is your relationship with Jesus Christ and his followers? Our goal is assist you in this intriguing human adventure.

And welcome and hello to all of our readers and to those who have participated  in workshops with us. We are glad that you could visit. We have new events unfolding.  One of them is the publication of an expanded version of the Introduction to the Catholic Charismatic Renewal by Franciscan Communications.  Another event has been moving and unpacking both home and office.

CATCH a GLIMPSE of our Book

Mending_Broken_Relationships SMMending Broken Relationships, Building Strong Ones. It explores eight ways to love like Jesus through intercessory prayer, respect, forgiveness, gratitude, affirmation, forbearance, honesty, and healing presence. These are gifts that are given to us through the power of the Holy Spirit. Like seeds that are placed in the earth, they help us build strong and fulfilling relationships. Available on amazon


Watch for this booklet on Amazon

“In An Introduction to the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, John and Therese Boucher have provided a brief, but substantive and discerning, overview of a major work of the Holy Spirit in our time. Replete with engaging personal stories as well as quotes from recent Popes on this renewal in the Spirit… Recommended.”   by Ralph Martin


And here is another project or two. Therese is gearing up for ghost writing personal biographies or Mini-marriage stories for anniversary celebrations. No life is too unimportant to neglect preserving it for future generations. Her expertise is weaving faith stories into the mix.  Here are some mini-family-examples.


Therese also offers hand-crafted, historical dolls. She writes, “My passion is cloth! I love making lady-like stitches, just like my great-grandmother. Then I add a pinch of history and TA DAH! Colonial Cuties are born. Sewing each doll brings a tiny, new personality to life and opens the door to sharing a family’s inspiring stories from earlier generations.”