Colonial Cuties


Hand-sewn, historical dolls by Therese Boucher


ABOUT…My passion is cloth! I love making lady-like stitches, just like my great-grandmother. Then I add a pinch of history and TA DAH! Colonial Cuties are born. Sewing each doll brings a tiny, new personality to life. I am also a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, a story writer and a painter.

REVIEW...I ordered a doll to look like my mother who is 93 years old and in an assisted-living home.  I loved the doll before I even gave it to Mum, but when she opened it and I saw her face light up with an energy I hadn’t seen in years, I knew it was perfect.  She absolutely loves it.                                                                      Connie Barton



Favorite materials: tiny cotton prints, big spools of thread, squishy stuffing, scissors, beige lace, muslin, gathered hems, colonial names, buttons

These handcrafted dolls are custom designed and completely hand-sewn with painted faces. Most stand about 8″ tall and come with a  1.5″ x 3.5″  story teller’s cue card. Clothing is sewn to the body.

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