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How to Share the Faith that You Love

Ever wish you could talk to your family and friends about your spiritual life? Here are four simple suggestions based on the book, “Sharing the Faith that You Love: Four Ways to be Part of the New Evangelization” published by the WORD Among Us Press. WATCH NOW

Come Holy Spirit

Here is a video opportunity to renew your connection to God’s Spirit. While you watch, ask yourself if you are expecting a light drizzle or a downpour of God’s love. This song started as a few lines of music that Therese experienced while praying in the woods. Then John developed the melody about a year later. The words are adapted from a poem written by St. John of the Cross, in the 1500s. It is our most popular video. WATCH NOW

Praying for our Adult Sons and Daughters

How to deal with anxieties about grown children by lifting them up to God. This video offers a prayer exercise and an overview of John and Therese’s BEST-SELLER, called, “Praying for Our Adult Sons and Daughters: Placing Them in the Heart of God”. This book is available from Word Among Us Press. WATCH NOW

Mending Broken Relationships

Wonder what to do when relationships break down? Explore some of our favorite answers that work in daily life and when things get desperate. Discover ways that God mends hearts through respect, healing and forgiveness. We learned, relearned and unlearned a lot just writing this book. WATCH NOW

Hello Mary (Hail Mary) 

This video walks us through a dozen Christmas crèches, and highlights Mary figurines made of porcelain, corn husks, papier mache, quilling, Kenyan wood, and resin. The song was written by John Boucher. Photographs and video by Therese Boucher, with a few Mary statues photographed by Susan Fenner. WATCH NOW

Christmas Carol Images UNPLUGGED

Explore the moving images behind favorite  Christmas Carols. In each video both John and Therese share a meaningful line from a carol and how it has touched their lives. There are eight brief clips in the series. WATCH NOW

Have a Cemetery Adventure

Explore dozens of gravestones with Therese, as she points out some of the things you can encounter in a cemetery, like family facts and inspiring artwork. Learn about searching for family monuments and neighbors from bygone centuries and a research tool called WATCH NOW

Concerned about Children and Families Who Don’t Go to Church?

Religion teachers are the first to realize that churches face a serious challenge when it comes to handing on the faith to new generations. This video invites religion teacher to retool, especially by sharing their faith and the faith of the Saints. WATCH NOW

How to Share Grandma’s First Communion

One grandmother’s adventure in creating a children’s story book to share at First Communion. In the book, two curious girls explore Grandma’s collection of First Holy Communion photos and memorabilia. Their comments are candid and inspiring. Photos of four generations of Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents will help both young person and adult share their own stories of faith and forge a family connection to the Church. WATCH NOW

You Know Me Lord

John’s teacher once challenged him to write a song based on Psalm 139. Now this song about God’s loving presence has been set in motion with a drawing by Therese. And we can say together, “You know us. And you care for us most intimately through your word become flesh in Jesus. WATCH NOW

Christmas Carol Festival 

Christmas Carols can transport us through time and bring us back to the manger in Bethlehem. Invite your neighbors and family together and sing your way back to Bethlehem, outdoors or indoors, old and young, singers and listeners, come gather. This video suggests a way to use carols in December to bring more people back to your church or organization. Visit the Carol Festival website for more. WATCH NOW.

Gray Hair and Wrinkles

Worried about gray hair and wrinkles? Look into great-grandmother Jeannia’s  mirror for a 1950s  glimpse of white hair as a “crown of glory”. Listen to a melody in her  native language, sung by Josee Vachon (used by permission). Video shown at the RE:IMAGE Film Festival 2012. WATCH NOW

Goodbye to my Brother

Photos and clips of Therese’s brother’s life combined with a eulogy shared during his funeral prayers.  The text of his eulogy is also available. WATCH NOW


Videos For Children


There Was a Little Baby

This children’s song helps youngsters participate in Christmas as a celebration of the birth of Jesus. They can add their own verses too. WATCH NOW. For a look at optional movements, WATCH NOW

How to Sing and Pray the Sign of the Cross (for children) 

Abdul just heard about a tiny but important prayer called the Sign of the Cross. Join him as he learns what this gesture is all about. Then sing the Sign of the Cross in a way that kids can enjoy. For more about Abdul and friends visit WATCH NOW

Looking for Jesus at Church (for children) 

Jesus can be found in many places, but my favorite place to search is at church. This video helps children search for Jesus before and during a Catholic Mass. It is written for children who don’t usually go to church, but are old enough to notice what is happening. WATCH NOW

A Shepherd Asks, “Am I in the Bible?” (for children) 

Abdul is very interested in Bible stories about shepherds. But every tale he hears is either about a friend who owns sheep, or about distant relatives, like his mother’s people in Bethlehem. He wonders if there really could be a Bible story about him. This video provides a way for children to connect with the people and events in the Bible. The script is also available. WATCH NOW

Gronk Meets Jesus  (for children)

Jesus who? Ever wonder what Jesus has to do with our technological world? Step back and get a glimpse of Jesus from a totally fresh point of view. Take a second look and re-imagine who he is for the kid inside all of us. WATCH NOW

The Easter Secret: a Mini-play  (for children)

A caterpillar puppet, named Lester, sets off in search of the Easter secret. With the help of a little girl and a long nap in his cocoon Lester finds the answer. Script and lesson plan available. WATCH NOW