Colonial Cuties Offer Playful Inspiration


I was riveted to my seat! The letter was like the beginning of a suspense novel, only it was about ME and MY great-great-great… grandparents. Were they injured or killed? What became of them?

The letter: was written from Westerly, August 4, 1666, by Mrs. Ruth Burdick to her father, Samuel Hubbard, at Newport:

“Most loving and dear father and mother… My longing and desire is to hear from you… since we have heard that 1200 Frenchmen have joined with the Mohawks to clear the land both of English and of Indians. But I trust in the Lord that he will not suffer such a thing to (happen to you)… “RUTH BURDICK

Old stories: That’s when I was hooked on uncovering the important stories and the fascinating personalities from early generations in my family, or even just from the towns where my ancestors settled. I also read children’s historical, just to put myself in some very old shoes, when the world gets too complicated.

p1000797Sew what? This new passion was easy to combine with another joy – hand-sewing. I began to make Colonial Dolls with period names and tiny bios. It was the start of something big –or should I say, small! Now I produce hand-crafted miniature people who can help younger generations dream about what it was like to churn butter, tend chickens, or nurse a toddler with typhoid fever.

For more information about a host of little people who could help you share history and story-telling with the younger generations in your family,  visit this page, or  CONTACT Therese