This past summer we offered a brief conference presentation – or witness – about the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives, in our marriage and in our ministry. Here is a brief excerpt:

Our wedding took place in the parish where our charismatic prayer group was serving.  Still, charisms where a new phenomenon in 1970, so we were hesitant to use them. Then it happened. As the Bishop placed his hands on our heads, several large canker sores in Therese’s mouth melted away. So she gratefully prayed in tongues. John followed, as did the whole prayer group. One aunt turned to another saying, “How lovely! What page is that song on?”

There have been many healings, prophetic leadings and pastoral gifts since then.  All of these have flowed from the abiding presence of the Spirit in our midst. God has led us through the upbringing of five children; and a life of sharing the call to follow the Spirit and to evangelize in parishes and dioceses, gently bringing charisms into the larger church. Alleluia!



OUR OFFERINGS in two areas: Basic Christian Living

Bringing Others to Jesus: New Evangelization Training

Deacons and people in parish ministry from the Diocese of Worcester participated in monthly training  sessions in evangelization from January through June, 2017. For more information.

Meet some former participants here.

This is a great course for both formation and lots of concrete examples. JC

I have grown a lot, thanks to this class. I’ve learned that sharing faith is not as complicated as I thought. It’s about conversation, dialogue and being open to the Holy Spirit. KC

I realized how much I have evangelized without realizing it. And I learned to start slowly and help other realize their gifts… The program was understandable and the small group sharing was very helpful. AK


Publication of the revised and expanded “An introduction to the Catholic Charismatic Renewal”. This new booklet will help the reader discover and rediscover the vital qualities of a lasting relationship with the Holy Spirit.

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